4 days raw

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I went on my first raw uncooked workshop the weekend before last and had a great time. I’m not new to the knowledge of eating raw since my mum is fast becoming a raw ‘lifestyle guru’ in the UK and fortunately shares a lot of her wisdom and learning with me, however I did try some new recipes which were fantastic.

Jozi uncooked is the first raw and vegan company in Johannesburg, South Africa (insert blog address) and offer a personal meal plan which they deliver to you twice weekly ready to eat! I have just joined the meal plan and have had 3 days worth of raw meals delivered to me in neat Tupperware packaging packed into a cooler bag. Breakfasts are things like scramble with bacon (made from aubourgine), raw oatmeal with fresh fruit and goji berries while lunch has been things like nori sushi rolls and sesame and ginger noodles so far! Yum! I also have a snack for that 3pm dip in energy and this week also had raw carrot cake with cashew frosting…

So, what is it like you say? Delicious is the answer, and filling too. I feel satisfied after every meal and also, more importantly, I feel good on a multitude of levels in the knowing that what I am consuming is not only healthy and nutritious, but is NOT KILLING ME on a cellular level! All that aside, I could not imagine having to do it myself and thank my lucky stars for Brittany, founder and chef of Jozi Uncooked, has taken on the tremendous task of feeding her clients…

Now, because I’ve been fairly flexible with my meals (and because you end up eating less when raw!) the result is that now, on day 4, I am still consuming my supposedly only 3 days worth of meals. Im not complaining though, the food is so filling that i can make it last and supplement it with smoothies in between if needed. But the big test came on Saturday night at our company year end function at an Italian restaurant – anyone who knows me knows that I love Italian food, so I must admit that I was worried about the temptation. However, when surrounded with supportive and understanding people who not only do not attempt to pressure you into the wrong food choices for you, but who also don’t even question what or why you are eating raw and rather simply offer you their acceptance, the night was a breeze and so I maintained my raw quest throughout the evening…then I came home and rewarded myself with a slice of that raw carrot cake…..yum!


Dreams become reality – kind of!

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It has been a lifelong dream of mine to own a baby grand piano. And not just to own one, but to be somewhat of a fantastic musical maestro with piano fingers that are able to skip and dance effortlessly across the piano keys in a duet between myself and the instrument releasing an emotional blend of sound from the mechanical depths of the piano chamber…(this is a dream, remember?) Well, at very long last, I have just acquired my very own piano!

It is not quite the polished, regal baby grand I had imagined but rather an old and worn mahogany upright acoustic. The ‘ivory’ white is cracked and chipped on a number of its keys and completely missing on another two. In places, the polish is worn through to the wood below making it rough and uneven to the touch. The two brass candelabra hang slightly askew and the pedals creak ever so slightly when pressed…but, it couldn’t be more beautiful, because it is mine.

So here I am with my ‘characterful’ piano but I have a confession to make. I am not quite the musical maestro of my imagination and am closer to an obliviously happy infant repeatedly picking out the notes to ‘twinkle twinkle’ – although it was composed by Mozart so credit where it is due, please, after all how many people do you or I know who can play Mozart on the piano?

The good news is that there is some hope for me…thanks to youtube and the like, you can find whole careers’ worth of ‘lessons’ to show and teach you how to play the piano! I set up my iPad on the little shelf created for sheet music and let people who had the foresight to record and upload their musical skills to the Internet teach me the basics of notes, chords and melodies. After 2 days of watching and learning in this way I can now thump out made up tunes on the piano that sound, at the very least, coherent and somewhat melodical. My neighbors must be pleased….I know I am.

When did birthday parties become a chore?

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It is two months to the day since I wrote my last blog although I did not plan it this way…

My daughter had her 3rd birthday party a few weeks ago and for the first time we invited kids and parents to her birthday party whom we did not know. Needless to say it was not an experience I am eager to suffer again anytime soon.

I have always been a sociable creature and enjoy good company, even of those I don’t know providing there is some common ground for discussion. However I am obviously not your typical mother-of-a-3-year-old because I had nothing in common with the mothers who turned up at our very organized birthday party venue.

As I move steadily through my twenties I secretly try to cling onto some remnants of my youthfulness and it is only very reluctantly that I begin to admit to myself (although not so much to others!) that my idealistic views of life are just that, ideals, and that in reality things are a lot more raw and real than any optimistic youngster would care to realize. My daughter’s birthday party was one of those occasions where no matter how much I had been looking forward to getting on the trampoline with my toddler, or how carefully I had selected the contents of her party packs, or even with how much scrutiny I had organized the child-friendly-and-fun decor, the reality of the situation was that I was required to sit and make mind-numbing small talk with a group of South African suburban mothers with whom I had absolutely nothing in common! Not quite the colourful and celebratory occasion I had imagined to commemorate the coming-of-age-3 of my little girl…it was more like a mundane chore that had me looking at my cellphone to see how much longer I had to endure it! And yes i still use my phone to tell the time, that says everything doesn’t it?

Since we live in a foreign country far from any family to attend these regular annual events, and there are of course some elements of differences in culture and attitude that come into play, it seems that there is only one thing to do – at least until we ride out the baby years. At the risk of sounding like an utterly detached parent, next year we will either have a party at school where the teachers can handle everything, or we just go away, taking with us a cake and some candles and eliminate any pressure to ‘do’ anything more! I am not so concerned with my own ‘fitting in’ or with some desire to create the oh so valuable ‘support network’ that I am prepared to subject my sanity to another session of mundane chit chat that in it’s total sum was nothing more than where to get the best deal on curtain material and how difficult it is to manage when one’s maid goes on leave!


To blog or not to blog?


I was spurred on to sign up for a blog many months ago when I was busy looking for a job. A number of people told me that employers google their prospective employees nowadays, and, yes I did the ultimate in ‘sad’ and googled myself…but what came up was not that bad actually. It was mostly stuff about school & university, some professional bodies I was a member of and of course the obligatory facebook…not too much info to give me away but not so little that I was hidden in the dark realm of obscurity…However, I found I actually had nothing to talk about at the time so it is only now, some almost 6 months later, that I have revisited ‘my account.’

Some people think it is actually better to live under that radar and hold onto whatever remnants of privacy we still have in this modern technologically advanced ‘big-brother’ society we live in (so cliche!) and to some degree I think I agree with them. But a part of me also thinks I am just as capable as Carrie Bradshaw (if you don’t know who that is, google it my friend!) at coming up with quirky, witty and relevant blogs that other people might actually be interested to read! Perhaps i’m just fooling myself, and maybe i’m even opening myself up to far more scrutiny than I really want (or need) in my life…but what the hey, it’s good for my ego!

Far be it for me to sit here now on my 1st ever blog and write promises of what is to come because, you never know, I may never blog again…